Usku is a beyond delivery platform technology company that empowers communities and businesses. At Usku, we strongly believe there is a better way to deliver. A more valuable, human approach where customers are at the forefront of what we do. A beyond delivery service.

We are very passionate about people, and our mission is to help empower communities by enabling fast delivery services. We focus on delivering to people throughout Melbourne in the shortest time possible.
We are here to help the elderly, those without transport, the ones who are sick, the busy people, and those who are not so fortunate to be able to go to the shops or get something delivered.

This includes, groceries, over the counter medicine, parcels, snacks, bread, new shoes, a cricket bat, etc - basically, whatever you need/want.By making it possible to deliver any legal product that is not online or on our site.

How Usku Started

Usku is designed to support the community, deliverers and local businesses. It all started when our co-founder Brian wanted a pack of skittles and couldn’t get anyone to deliver it to his house, that is when the idea sparked – “What if I could help people who also wanted not so accessible items delivered?”

BOOM - Usku was created.

Since then, we have seen the benefits our community is getting from items quickly being delivered that they would have had to go to the shops for otherwise. After doing some research, it became obvious that large commissions fees were being charged to businesses and drivers, making it unsustainable for the both of them. Usku also begun with the aim to help deliverers around Australia and give them a voice.

Usku is here to transform deliveries for good and we support deliverers and local businesses.

Our Vision

No more long waits. Fewer delays in delivery. Get what you need in one app.” 

Our Mission

To make every legal item, easily accessible to the public at anytime, anywhere within the shortest time.”

What Makes Us Different​

Unique Experience

Users will notice how easy it is to use our online platform with everything available on hand. Users will be able to make a single transaction for all kinds of deliveries.

Building Community

We aren't here for the market but for the community, this means your friends are our friends and your neighbours are your friends too! Uskummunity will be a new social service that will encourage people to be real neighbours with their neighbours and make deliveries much more efficient.


Usku Technologies is a new startup aiming to build a system that solves our daily delivery issues and needs. We are still growing and we accept any helpful feedback!