How We Charge

By making deliveries within 5km you can support your local businesses

*1 hour delivery is not possible for grocery shopping
Bulk deliveries are only available to business members and subjected to different charges. Please contact us to learn more.


Have your list ready and try to be as specific as you can be to make your delivery experience better. You can help us by pre ordering, pre-purchasing, picture references, brand and product specification etc.  

  • Over the counter medication
  • Personal items
  • Food and beverages
  • Groceries
  • Basically anything

    We have Uskers around Melbourne, Victoria.


    • Shopping Fee: $10
    • Per item: $0.50

    Shopping is easier with us since we can purchase the items on your behalf. 

    1. On our homepage, select ‘Shopping’.
    2. Fill in the form and enter the chat.
    3. Send us your shopping list and your budget.
    4. End call.

    Shopping includes:

    • Food
    • Groceries
    • Household items
    • Clothes
    • Consumable
    • Medication

    You will need to give us 3 hours to do your shopping and you are responsible for answering your phone call or text from our deliverer. Our deliverer may ignore an item if they cannot find it or it’s unavailable, they will contact you when that happens.


    You are limited to only having at most 50 items on your shopping list.  

    Deliveries made from pre owners or other entities excluding a Australian registered store, you are responsible for:

    • The product being delivered must be legal and are subjected to our terms and conditions.
    • Informing Usku what the product is before delivery.
    • Ensure that the product is ready for pickup.
    • Product should be well packaged or placed in a bag or box to ensure a safe delivery.

    We are happy to deliver items from these places but due to time constraints and how large these warehouses are, you will either have to pre-purchase and pre-order the items. Alternatively,  we can purchase your products on your behalf however your shopping list cannot exceed 8 items. If you need more, you can request additional items while making your order but we are not obligated to accept your requests.

    We will be happy to shop on your behalf, however you will need to send us your shopping list (be as specific as you can) and your budget for your purchase. We will then charge you for the estimated budget and delivery fee before accepting the order. If you’re unsure about the exact amount, you can send us the estimated amount beforehand and we will either charge or refund you the balance.

    For shopping:

    • Please make your pre-orders 3 hours prior as it takes time to collect your products.
    • Be ready to answer your phone during delivery as some items may not be available.

    For food:

    • You will have to call the eatery for pre order.
    • If pre order is not available, do check if what you’re after is available before contacting Usku.


    It is your responsibility to answer your phone call and messages from Usku during your delivery to ensure that we have the right product or further enquiries. Our deliverers will wait for 5 minutes and attempt to contact you at most 3 times and minimum once. Failing to answer will result in the customer being responsible for the delivery being cancelled – cancellation fees applies.

    You will need to inform us during your order as our deliverers will only purchase by card to prevent cash transactions. You are responsible for any surcharges that are paid to the shop unless you inform us prior.

    We will only charge you for the distance fee for single deliveries but prices may vary depending on the customer’s request.

    It depends on our deliverers capacity to meet your needs. We try our best to make your deliveries effortless and simple but sometimes only certain deliverers can provide certain deliveries.

    Some products are too heavy for a single person to carry. You as a customer may need to help the deliverer carry the item out from the vehicle and to your house within reason. Eldery, kids, pregnant women or people incapable of carrying heavy items will need to inform us prior to delivery. 

    A service charge of $10 will be imposed for deliveries that require more than one trip for loading and unloading items from the deliverer’s vehicle or if the item weighs 10 kg or more.

    Both options are only for pick up.

    We deliver from multiple stores under two conditions:

    1. The stores are less than a 500 m walk from the first store – in total.
    2. If the stores are at separate locations but en route to the recipient’s address, our deliverers are happy to make a quick pickup, drop off or drive-thru.


      When making option 2 deliveries, our deliverers will only accept pickups, drop offs or drive-thru.

      • If the stores are on opposite locations or are not en route to the recipients address, the delivery will be charged as a separate delivery.
      • $10 service fee is applied here.

      We can help make your bulk deliveries easier by collecting all your orders and making the trip to each customer. The charges start by pick up point to house (1) which counts as 1 delivery. From house (1) to house (2) counts as the second delivery etc.The distance between drop off points are used to make distance fee cheaper for our customers.


      Delivery may not be accepted if:

      • The number of orders prevents us from delivering hot food within a four hour mark.
      • Only for home businesses or businesses.
      • Deliverer is made to wait for more than 30 mins to make a pickup.
      • Terms apply. 

      We are sorry that happened.

      Our deliverer will attempt to contact you at least 1 time and wait for 5 minutes. However if there is no response from the customer, our deliverer may leave the product at the front door of your house or dispose of it. No refunds will be issued as it is the customer’s responsibility to collect the product from the deliverer.

      We understand how you might change your mind due to certain circumstances. However our deliverers have spent their time, petrol and effort to make their way to the scheduled appointment and location, therefore, the delivery fee and budget that you have sent to us will be our payment for the cancellation fee and any other costs incurred by you. We appreciate your cooperation.

      If you have cancelled the delivery before the mentioned time without causing any losses to the deliverers, you might be entitled to a refund. Go to to request a refund.

      We do understand that it’s easy or inevitable to forget your payments. However accounts not paid before the invoice is overdue are subject to a 5% daily finance charge.

      Please be sure to pay before your invoice is due, otherwise a late fee may be imposed

      Thank for checking us out!

      We’d love to partner with you and make your deliveries convenient and easy.

      For businesses, there is a $1 business service fee for single deliveries and $3 for bulk deliveries in addition to the delivery fee.

      We highly recommend joining our membership plans so that you can enjoy better benefits and possibly pay less!

      Head to register my business to find out more

      Everyone has a schedule to keep. If you need your usker to wait, there will be a $5 charge for every 10 mins.

      Returns are troublesome, so we treat every delivery on any plan as a single delivery which will be charged based on our single delivery pricing.

      Usku deliveries reserve the right to reject your delivery if :

      • Deliverers are unavailable.
      • Unable to cater to provide you the necessary preparations to deliver your goods.
      • You or anyone requesting an order is perceived as irresponsible, dangerous, or that threatens the safety of deliverers in any way.
      • Unreasonable requests.
      • Have not paid the required amount including any incurred charges during the delivery such as surcharges or the lack of funds in your budget.