will pick up anything legal from any local store and deliver it in 30-60 minutes. This includes groceries, parcels, over the counter medicine, snacks etc. Basically, whatever you want.
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1. Quick & Multiple Deliveries

We are here to support local communities and businesses and have a real impact by giving small businesses and people who need our help a way to deliver straight to your door.

2. Deliver Anything

We offer 24/7 delivery services and will do everything we can to deliver within an hour.

3. Support Local Businesses

Make your order from different places within one transaction. Receive them within an hour. A bike? 102 g of your favourite almonds? We got you.

Toast & Honey

I have worked with Usku on a number of occasions and find them reliable, professional, with a streamlined service and excellent communication. They’re a local company and I love the fact that I’m dealing with a team of friendly faces.

April, 2020

Affordable, straightforward to use and very reliable. Finally we have a delivery service comparable to Asia or the US. Highly recommended

April, 2020
Mirai Studios

Usku is reliable and professional. We would definitely recommend their service to anyone who is looking for product deliveries.

May, 2020

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